The Story of Roocou

When did I first discover fashion

I don't remember the exact day I fell in love with Fashion , but I do remember why......

I always found fashion to be a way of introducing yourself without having to speak, a way to tell the whole world who you are, an individual statement of self-expression that provides a creative outlet you can constantly change.

It can be a way of life, and even a profession, fashion is an art form, a glimpse into someone’s personality. Fashion is full of seriousness, playfulness, a conception of distraction, entertainment and exhibition. At Roocou we want you to be confident in who you are and dress how best represents your personality

We simply curate the collections for our consumers, offering the opportunity to purchase from any of our independant fashion brands displayed in multiple collections within the store as an alternative to the High Street.

It’s always been my belief that you should invest in your own personal self and I am hoping that this site creates an unforgettable experience for you all, one that you wish to repeat.

Enjoy Roocou
Founder – Ruth Counsell

Discovery Lead To The Creation

How did this discovery lead to the creation of Roocou?

Roocou exists for the love of fashion . Our mission is to offer a platform for fashion that connect creators , curators and consumers .
We are passionate about the independant brands that we supply and we want the shopping experience at Roocou to be a unique experience, allowing styles and designs to be delivered directly to your doors from designers you wont find on the high street.

How we Are Different

The Roocou Difference

Roocou offers a platform which takes the effort out of sourcing new styles over trends showcased in our available collections. Our focus is to provide our consumers the finest assortment of fashion clothing from brands dedicated to women. We aim to offer a truly personal and inspiring shopping experience for each and every one of our customers.

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